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Vision for Health

Hans Schreuder develops his skin care products himself, in his own laboratories. That product development is based on a strong personal vision: his Vision for Health. The result is a range of top-quality skin care products that stimulate the skin and strengthen its natural properties.

Natural skin food

His products are based on the idea that creams

should be natural nutrition for the skin. According to his Vision for Health, beauty is the result of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Hans Schreuder uses natural ingredients from our everyday diet, like rice, oats and soya. Ingredients that provide the nutrition your skin needs to keep it at its best.
“Few people know that substances enter our body through our skin. Nourishment via the skin, you could say. That’s why it’s important that we don’t just rub anything onto our skin. And that is what I make sure of. After all, we don’t just eat anything. Sometimes I feel just like the chef in a skin restaurant.”

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Natural skin care products

  • Natural Skin Food
  • Restoring and Problem Solving (in Dutch: Herstellend en Probleem Oplossend – HPO)
  • Tested dermatologically and for eye irritation

HPO skin care products stimulate the natural properties of your skin. The creams help maintain and, if necessary, restore its natural balance.

Drs. Hans Schreuder skin care is a complete range of top quality products. Hans Schreuder calls his products ‘Natural Skin Food’. The creams contain ingredients such as natural lactic acid, vitamin E, allantoin, soya and oat extract.

All the creams are carefully formulated to work well together. Their ingredients give the skin the care and nutrition it needs to look healthy, even sexy. That is the attraction of Drs. Hans Schreuder skin care products.

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About Hans Schreuder

Hans Schreuder, an organic chemist who’s passionate about what he does. He has been successful for more than 30 years with something that affects us all: skin care. In recent years he has done that under the name Drs. Hans Schreuder, Vision for Health. His products are based on the idea that creams should be natural nutrition for the skin.

For many years he has been looking at the relationship between health and nutrition He has also studied orthomolecular therapy,

homeopathy and phytotherapy. Hans Schreuder is convinced that healthy nutrition is essential to skin care:

“We present ourselves with our skin. It is a dynamic membrane which protects us in our everyday contact with the world around us. The best thing we can do is help our skin function properly. By giving it natural skin food. And I see my products as that natural nutrition for the skin.”

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Annemieke Raatsie

I’d like to tell you about my experience of using Scar Treatment Cream.

On 6 January 2009 I had an operation at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam to remove secondary tumours caused by medullary thyroid cancer. The oncologist treating me, Prof. Gerritsen, and lung surgeon Prof. Paul had come to the conclusion that to save my life they would have to remove the left lower pulmonary lobe plus 9 lymph glands near my heart and a tumour between my gullet and the nerve in my vocal chords. This meant a serious operation lasting several hours and I could expect a lot of pain afterwards.

The incision they made went from just below my left breast to the back and then up to my shoulder blade. It’s a pretty big scar, about 40 cm long. They used suture clips – which look like staples – to close the wound.

There were about 40 of them in all. When you’re quite a young

woman still, just 41, you want to look good despite your illness, and that’s how I got to use Scar Treatment Cream from Vision for Health. As soon as the wound had healed, 17 days after the operation, I started to use the cream twice a day: morning and night.

Now it’s exactly 8 weeks since the operation and I’ve been using the cream for almost 6 weeks and it’s an unbelievable result! My doctors are amazed by how good the scar is starting to look. It’s soft, less sensitive, and really doesn’t look bad at all for just 8 weeks after the operation. As a cancer patient, I’m so pleased that there’s something on the market that can ease a patient’s suffering in many ways, both how they feel and how they look.

I shall definitely continue to use the cream and I’m sure the result will be even

more incredible after another couple of months. I think people will hardly notice my scar when I wear a bikini. I also used the cream under my breast where I was suffering from a lot of internal pain. It softened the skin there, both the top layer and underneath, which was another advantage.

I’d like to thank you for this wonderful cream which helps so much during the healing process and makes scars less visible. That’s what everyone wants when they’ve gone through such a major operation and have such a large scar. I hope that others will discover the cream too and start using it, because it definitely works.

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Testimonial by Marion Kaufmann

In April 2011 I had to have an operation on the vertebrae in my neck. This involved an incision in a very visible spot at the front of my neck.

Through my work I heard about Drs. Hans Schreuder scar treatment cream. So from the moment the wound had closed, I applied the cream to the scar every morning and night.

When I went back for a check-up after 3 months, the neurosurgeon was pleasantly surprised to see how the scar had almost disappeared. I must admit that the surgeon had made the incision in the best possible place – in a skin fold – and that the wound had been very neatly stitched, but now, 9 months later, the mark has become almost invisible and that’s definitely due to this wonderful cream.

Originally, the only important thing to me was that the operation would be successful. Being left with a scar was less important. But as time has gone by, I am really pleased that I can look in the mirror and see a neck that isn’t disfigured. OK, it has some ‘wrinkles’, but that’s part of being a woman who’s 55 years old …


Marion Kaufmann
30 januari 2012

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Simone Wickenhagen

I am sitting in a small room opposite the surgeon. He looks me straight in the eye and pointedly informs me that I have a “potentially deadly decease”; breastcancer!
My immediate reaction is “and what now?”
“I am going to operate you” is his firm answer.
At that moment it came home to me that I was in serious trouble and that fast action in several areas was eminent now.
One week later I had the mastectomy and my right breast was gone.
Nicely stiched, but quite a nasty scar ,ugly red-rimmed.
Friends who wanted to help, called my attention to the newly developed product of Drs. Hans Schreuder; the “Scar-cream”.

I was not really interested, but figured nothing ventured, nothing gained…. So, ok, give it to me and I will start putting it on. Still busy with coming to terms with the idea that I had cancer, I did not really pay attention to the scar of the operation. Then, after about ten days,I all of a sudden noticed that the red-rims of my scar were gone… My interest was caught and I continued more consciously to apply the scar-cream.
The scar looked better by the day; the red rims disappeared and the scar became one with my skin! If I have check-ups and/or fysiotherapy, the reaction of doctors and nurses is invariably “what a beautiful scar”.

So, next to the excellent work of my surgeon, the Scar-cream of Drs. Hans Schreuder has proven that scars can also become “beautiful”.
Nowadays I still use the scar-cream; I apply it on a daily basis to all kinds of uneven skin spots, and also that works!
Thank you very much Drs.Hans!


Simone Wickenhagen

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Natural cream for scars

  • Fades scars, making them less visible
  • Suitable for all kinds of scars
  • Scar cream is ideal after cosmetic surgery
  • Anti-aging

A unique scar cream that contains soya extract and other natural ingredients which all help scars to fade. An ideal way to reduce all kinds of scars. Soya evens out skin tone and texture. The cream also contains natural vitamin E, natural lactic acid, and natural rice and camomile extracts. This formula fades scars, making them less visible, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Drs. Hans Schreuder natural scar cream can also restore the skin, making it suitable for use as a regenerating day cream (anti-aging). And scar treatment cream reduces spots, lines and other irregularities.


Massage your scars twice a day with scar treatment cream.

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refreshing cream 300x385


Refreshes tired legs

• Hamamelis reduces the tired feeling in your legs
• Natural cream
• Relaxes and relieves
• Anti-aging

Sitting down with your legs up, it’s just what you need after a long day. And HPO-refreshing cream won’t let you down either. This special cream with hamamelis extract effectively reduces that tired feeling in your legs. HPO-refreshing cream also makes your legs beautifully smooth. And it contains antioxidants that prevent aging. The ingredients in this natural cream soothe and strengthen your legs,

making it suitable to use if you have varicose veins. The improved circulation has an amazing effect: the tiredness disappears, and your legs feel relieved and relaxed. A real pick-me-up!

Carefully smooth on this natural cream when your legs feel tired, for example at the end of the day or the beginning of the evening. Don’t be too sparing: you can use the cream several times a day.

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intimate care 300x385


  • Special, natural vaginal cream
  • Effective ingredients from soya and rice
  • Anti-aging

It is important that the skin of the vagina functions properly. Infections or hormonal changes (dry vaginal skin) can upset the balance in the vagina. Stress or reduced resistance to infection may also cause irritation or a burning sensation. Using intimate care cream will improve the condition of the mucous membrane and the vaginal skin. Applied externally, this cream helps the bacterial flora to regain their proper balance both internally and externally. Intimate care cream contains very effective ingredients from soya and rice, natural lactic acid and natural vitamin E. It also contains antioxidants that prevent aging. The natural cream isn’t sticky,

is immediately absorbed, has a hypo-allergenic formula and is suitable for sensitive skin. The result will usually be noticeable within 2 weeks. The tube is easy to keep in your bag and take wherever you go.


Carefully smooth on the natural vaginal cream at any time of day. Intimate care cream can be used several times a day.

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